Clarification Statement


Clarification Statement

Date:2017-08-03 Source:SummitView Capital

We observed there was a misunderstanding regarding the press release “SEC Charges Chinese Citizens Who Reaped Massive Profits From Insider Trading on Comcast-Dreamworks Acquisition” by the U.S. SECURITIES AND EXCHANG ECOMMISSION(SEC) website on February 10, 2017. SummitView Capital and SummitView Capital Management Ltd. are two completely separate and unrelated companies but had been falsely related by public media since its release. Again on August 1, 2017, some WeChat newsfeed reblogged false misreporting that contained the incorrect translation of the Chinese name of SummitView Capital Management Ltd..   Please find more details below from the SECURITIES AND FUTURES COMMISSION (SFC)website.
To avoid further misunderstanding, we hereby clarify again that SummitView Capital (Chinese name: 武岳峰资本) is completely unrelated to either SummitView Capital Management Ltd. ( Chinese name:远山资本管理有限公司) nor Shaohua (Michael) Yin mentioned in the SEC’s press release. SummitView Capital has the sole proprietary Chinese name of “武岳峰资本”through legitimate trademark registration, and this is the collective name for all of its investment funds and managing companies We would consider it an infringement on the rights and reputation of SummitView Capital(武岳峰资本) if further misleading reports are published after this clarification notice, and we retain the right to further protect our lawful rights and interests.

The original misreporting has been deleted and corrected.





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