SummitView Capital's mission is to fund the transformative companies of the 21st century that will modernize entire industries. Our strategy is clear and definite: provide innovative ideas and technologies with the resources – whatever it takes – to commercialize big opportunities.

We are currently managing several funds located in Shanghai, Beijing, Jiangsu Province, Zhejiang Province, United States, etc. Since our inception in 2011, we leverage our powerful network among governmental, corporate, and personal relationships across the world to commit across the full life-cycle of high-tech equity investments. Our core investment areas include: Information Industry, Advanced Manufacturing, Green Tech & Clean Tech, Precision Medicine, and Cultural Creativity.

We know that complex problems in need of creative solutions are increasingly evident in our shifting world. The emerging industries that we have been concentrating on are facing a future quite different from their past. Now it is an excellent time to combine the capital, technologies, people, and government policies to build these evolving industries.

In addition to capital, our teams of investment professionals have deep expertise in their industry sectors, with business and operational experience in the markets in which they invest in. Meanwhile, we are constantly establishing world-class corporate partnerships to help our portfolio companies grow into major players in the global market. It is our goal to successfully commercialize the technologies that will change the world.

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